God’s Not Finished With You Yet!

Each and every person in this world is like a book. We are all unique with different personality types. Think about it, we all have our own story, our own journey of how we have gotten to where we are today. Our lives are a series of chapters with different titles, different events and experiences.… Continue reading God’s Not Finished With You Yet!

He’s Everywhere

He’s in the smile of the sweet elderly woman at the grocery store, Don’t you remember? She was the one you met at the door. He’s in the giggle of an infant, How precious a sound! Everywhere you look, He’s all around. Have you seen Him today? Surely you have, He was sitting beside you… Continue reading He’s Everywhere

Fight The Good Fight!

Life can be so overwhelming at times. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed at school, at work, at home, or maybe it has nothing to do with any of these. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on why you are feeling this way. Maybe you yourself aren’t feeling this way, but someone close to you… Continue reading Fight The Good Fight!

I Received a Hug From God Tonight

I received a hug from God tonight. It happened to be as I was tucking my son into bed, Wrapping my arms, I hugged him so tight. All while giving him a kiss on the forehead. He laid under the covers looking ever so little, All this week I felt nothing but brittle. My son… Continue reading I Received a Hug From God Tonight

❧I’m Gonna Love You Forever☙

What a perfect first wedding anniversary! Shortly after I had gotten off of work yesterday, my husband called me to say he had our evening all planned out. He told me he had made dinner reservations for us, and that it would be a surprise. I absolutely love surprises, so I was pumped! I am… Continue reading ❧I’m Gonna Love You Forever☙

To My Husband, Jeremy ღ

Today marks one year. One year since the day I married my best friend, my accountability partner, my better half, the man I am so blessed to call my husband. How did a year go by so quickly? It feels like yesterday that we were going to get our marriage license. It feels like last… Continue reading To My Husband, Jeremy ღ

The Power of A Simple Act of Kindness

I couldn't decide what I wanted to write about this week, until today. I was praying that God would provide me with a good topic, and I am thankful and happy to say that He answered my prayer. It's been an interesting few days to say the least, with a lot of ups and downs.… Continue reading The Power of A Simple Act of Kindness

A Few of My Favorite Things

I think we are all familiar with The Sound of Music, right? I mean, who isn’t? It’s a movie that I grew up watching numerous times, and one I never grow tired of. I remember my sisters and I would watch it in the car on long family road trips. Those were the days! I… Continue reading A Few of My Favorite Things

Thinking of You…

I will never forget the day we lost you, I will always wonder whether we would have decorated with pink or blue. The moment we saw that second pink line, Was a feeling so joyous, I felt like I was on cloud nine. No more than the size of a bean, You were small and… Continue reading Thinking of You…