He’s Everywhere

He’s in the smile of the sweet elderly woman at the grocery store,

Don’t you remember?

She was the one you met at the door.

He’s in the giggle of an infant,

How precious a sound!

Everywhere you look,

He’s all around.

Have you seen Him today?

Surely you have,

He was sitting beside you when you were in dismay,

For it was then that you saw that beautiful blue jay.

He was there beside you that entire time,

Holding you up in every mountain you’ve ever had to climb.

He’s everywhere

Look up into the sky!

See there, in the wings of that colorful butterfly?

Always know you are never alone,

Know that what you are currently going through,

Is only a stepping stone.

It will only last for a short little while,

In the end it will all be,

So worthwhile,

Just wait ‘til you see!

He has a reason for everything he does,

And it is never just because.

He is our protector,

Our defender, sustainer,

Forever our guide and director.

He loves us so much more,

Than you or I can fathom,

A love so amazing,

We can only imagine.

He makes everything beautiful,

Even the messes we so often create,

In His timing you will see,

Trust that He is making everything great!

He works in so many mysterious ways,

Know that He will be with you for all of your days.

So look around,

Wherever you are,

He is there I assure you,

Just look at that star!

Everything about you,

He already knew,

From the very beginning,

Today and forever,

He will remain faithful and true!

Copyright © 2019 Angela J. Stout.