God’s Not Finished With You Yet!

Each and every person in this world is like a book. We are all unique with different personality types. Think about it, we all have our own story, our own journey of how we have gotten to where we are today. Our lives are a series of chapters with different titles, different events and experiences. Some of our chapters might consist of hardships, while others might be amazing; maybe one of them you found your one true love, your soul mate. Those are my personal favorite!

It’s like whenever you are reading a well written book, and it’s getting really good. You don’t want to put the book down and just want to keep reading. It’s almost temping to want to rush through it, skipping chapters to see how it all ends. Admit it, we are all guilty of this.

We all want to speed through the chapters of our stories so quickly, that we often forget to enjoy the moment we are currently in. We forget how to live. I know this to be especially true for those more challenging chapters. If this sounds like you, trust me when I say that you aren’t alone. What we don’t realize is, to get to the “good stuff”, we have to keep reading; we have to keep living. Otherwise, it won’t make sense, and you will ask yourself, “Wait a minute, how did I get here again?” (We would be as lost as Dori was on Finding Nemo!) We must also realize that even when we are living in a good chapter, twists and turns still happen. Life is unpredictable, it can change on you in the blink of an eye. You can’t let this stop you though, your story isn’t complete yet.

There is still so much that God has planned for you! He can turn a bleak situation into a beautiful situation so rapidly, that you are oblivious to how it even happened. He’s an amazing God, and an amazing author and writer. He’s not finished with your story yet! Whatever chapter He is currently writing in your life right now, whether it’s the best chapter ever, or what seems to be the worst; simply trust Him. I know it’s difficult when you can’t see the chapter or the road ahead of you. However, the moment you’ve been longing, hoping, and praying for might only be a page away. Keep reading, and keep living! God’s not finished with you yet!

Copyright © 2019 Angela J. Stout.

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