A Dance In The Rain

In bed I lay cuddled in the arms of my love,

Listening to the gentle beats of the raindrops,

Coming down from the sky above.

Rain is always such a peaceful sound,

It provides a drink of water for trees and flowers all around.

Landing and splashing down onto the tips of the grass,

Gently breaking the pond’s clear blue glass.

Deep in thought, I lay in comfort and silence,

I close my eyes and I can feel God’s presence.

The beat of the rain is similar to that of a dancer’s shoes,

The roof is the stage, and the thunder the music,

A performance so beautiful and theatric.

Occasional streaks of lightning brighten the sky,

Along with the dark clouds that slowly pass by.

I continue listening as I drift back to sleep,

The storm finally ends,

As the last drop lands from its leap.

Copyright © 2019 Angela J. Stout.

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