Catharine Rose

It’s been fifteen years,

Since the day you left us,

And my eyes still flow with tears.

I can still see your face so clearly,

You are loved and missed so dearly.

I remember you would visit me,

At school on grandparents day,

We would sit outside and eat our lunches,

While watching the occasional honey bee.

On birthday and Christmas cards you would write,

“I love you, but Jesus loves you best!”

I still have the last one you gave me,

I read it earlier today, with a bittersweet delight.

You were kind and caring to everyone you would meet,

Much like a flower and it’s nectar,

You were always so very sweet.

Your smile and laughter were so contagious,

You could light up any room,

You were the one who taught me how to be courageous.

I miss the scent of your perfume,

It was like a bouquet of roses fresh in bloom.

I will never forget the last night I saw you,

I hugged and kissed you goodbye in my bedroom.

Playing my very first song for you on my clarinet,

You applauded me and told me how beautiful it was,

Our last words to each other I will never forget.

I told you I loved you for the very last time,

We hugged each other closely there in the doorway,

It wasn’t goodbye, but more of a see you next time.

I only knew you eleven years of my life,

It’s hard to believe that I am now a mother and a wife.

Fifteen years have gone so fast,

One day we will be reunited again,

Together in Heaven we will be at last!

Copyright © 2019 Angela J. Stout.

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