To My Husband, Jeremy ღ

Today marks one year. One year since the day I married my best friend, my accountability partner, my better half, the man I am so blessed to call my husband. How did a year go by so quickly? It feels like yesterday that we were going to get our marriage license. It feels like last week that we were sitting on the bench swing at Wintersmith Park, looking up at the stars and talking about our future as a couple.

It’s been 2 years, 11 months, and 1,084 days since the day we first met. That’s 93,657,600 seconds, 1,560,960 minutes, 26,016 hours, 154 weeks and 6 days.

Jeremy Michael Stout, you are everything I’ve ever needed, wanted, hoped for, and so much more. I know I am hard-headed, stubborn, sassy, and feisty at times, but you are so patient. God knew I would need a man like you in my life to keep me on track. I’m thankful for the eleven year difference between us, as you have taught me so much just by sharing your life experiences and stories; and you are always there to give me the best advice.

You pray with me and for me. You are the most loving and caring daddy to Grayson. You dry my tears and let me lay my head on your shoulder. You let me sit in your lap and wrap my arms around you; even while you are playing Final Fantasy. You let me vent to you and you listen to every word. You watch shows like This Is Us with me, even though it’s not on your list of favorites. You are so intelligent that it gets annoying at times, but I love that so much about you! You teach me something new everyday.

You are the ONLY person who can make me laugh when I’ve had a difficult day, and that means everything. I love it when you do your impersonations of different actors, politicians, and movie scenes. I love the way you look at me even when I’m wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. I love that you say I’m beautiful when I’m not wearing any makeup. I love feeling your warmth as you pull me closer to you when we go to sleep at night.

I love that you check in on me in the mornings to make sure I’ve made it to work. I love those voicemails you leave on my phone with you singing, “I Just Called, To Say, I Love Youuuuu!”. I love your facial expressions when you get really serious, or when you are getting frustrated about something. I love that you encourage me to go after the things I want in life. I love the scent of your cologne in the morning; it’s my favorite.

I love all of these things and I could list so much more. I know that sounds cliché, but I can’t just list one thing that I love about you, because I love everything about you! In our one year of being married, you’ve shown me what marriage and love are supposed to feel like. You continue showing me everyday. You’ve provided me with a feeling of safety and security; and with you, I know I always have both, without question.

Thank you for being the leader and protector of our family. Thank you for walking this journey with me, and for sharing this life with me. Thank you for being my husband; I wouldn’t want to spend this life with anyone else! Lastly, thank you for choosing me to be your wife. I love you sweetheart, happy anniversary! Here’s to many more!

Copyright © 2019 Angela J. Stout.